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Cupcreamrecords is a (DIY) Dutch independent record label. DIY means that we do everything by ourself.  You are directly connected with the artists. Cupcreamrecords is founded by the artists, that means no big company, no big budgets and no rules how and when to make music. The main reason why we have started this label is to obtain musical freedom. 

We are a member of performance rights organization, Buma/ Stemra. All our music, everything we create is copyrighted and registered. We are the legal- and (master) -owner of every song we release and the content we create.


We are specialized in the finest electronic (dance) music, entertainment and high fashion. Cupcreamrecords has a unique sound influenced by old skool- combined with new skool - style. Our records are made by the K.I.S.S. principle, therefore understandable, recognizable, attractive for a wide range of audience.

Because we are not driven by numbers, is our goal simple, make people happy with our music. Our mission is to serve music lovers.a

​We believe in the analog sound,to achieve the analog sound we only work with the finest outboard gear. We don't compromise to reach the highest quality. Therefore are all our products are mastered at the best mastering facility's.

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